My Tribe

So I’ve told you a little about myself on my ‘About Me’ page and a brief tid-bit about why I started blogging. But I feel like you really get to know someone by the company they keep. With that being said, I want to introduce to you the crazy ones I call family.

My Husband


This guy is my best friend, my lobster, the reason why I smile and laugh so much…my person. We met in high school even though we went to different schools. Started out “just friends” and then began dating the summer before our Senior year and inseparable ever since! We’ve been through plenty of ups & downs but every day I fall more in love with this man.

He’s quite the goofball. Loves Jim Carey and quoting old Vines. He’s super athletic, I swear he gets the hang of any sport he tries! Which has always been impressive to me since I’m not a very coordinated human. Luckily for me, he has an internal map and always knows where he is! Complete opposite of me in so many ways because I can literally get lost trying to find my car in a parking lot. He’s kind to everyone he meets and has a HUGE heart. He loves documentaries on Netflix and listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast and now has me hooked on them too! (which I actually love) He makes his loved ones a priority and helps keep things light when times get hard. I know I’m making him out to be this “perfect” human being but don’t be fooled!!! He has his faults too; he has to eat Chipotle at least once a week..Straight up addicted. He hates lids. He never realized this until I pointed it out but he just doesn’t like to put lids back on things…idk what’s the deal. He is incapable of being sneaky cause his ankles crack with every step he takes. But don’t worry babe, I still love you despite your faults 😉

Hahah oh but the best thing is, he can take a joke and just mess with me right back!



This is our son. Our first born. The one we cant get enough of!!! UGGHHH we’re just obsessed with this little guy. And if you aren’t obsessed with your dog, what’s the matter with you!?

First things first, Kirk is the Sass Master. Austin actually used to be the Sass Master but Kirk quickly took the title when he joined the fam. Kirk loves to sleep, cuddle, eat, run in the sand, and play keep-away with his toys. He hates dieting, being alone, and his arch-nemesis is the vacuum. Kirk gets super hype if you gas him up with compliments and treats, but is mostly a calm old soul. He’s only 4 yrs old but has always been pretty chill, even as a pup. We love him to death!!! And would give our left kidneys to him any day!!!! Not that he would need it…but WE WOULD DO IT. CAUSE HE’S THE GOODEST BOY. Sorry for my outburst, just love him lots.

So yeah, that’s the my tribe! My fam-bam. My people.

Maybe in the near future we will be adding some more! Stay tuned 😉

XOXO MrsFitz