Two Words: Frozen Mimosas.

Hey Houston! It’s about to be patio weather and here’s what you need to know to prepare. First: sunglasses are a Must. Second: Frozen Mimosas are everything. That’s it. That’s the whole blog post. Thanks for stopping by!

Jk jk…but for real though, I need to tell you where to find the ABSOLUTE BEST Frozen Mimosas in H-town (sorry for my outburst). But they’re seriously that good. Canyon Creek is a casual hangout bar & grill near Memorial Park: 6603 Westcott St, Houston, TX 77007 to be exact. The atmosphere is really laid back and has plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. Since the weather is getting warmer you can find me sitting outside in the sun with a fro-mo in hand 🍊🍾 and I 10/10 recommend you do the same.

They have a section on their menu called “Famous Frozens” where you can find Frozen Mimosas AKA “bliss in a jar” amongst other frozen refreshments like Country Ass Tea and Beam & Coke. So if you’re not a fan a champagne, you got options!!

Their drinks aren’t the only thing deserving of praise, their food is so so good too! My favorite thing to order is the “Runners Bowl”…full of greens, quinoa, two poached eggs and a couple of giant asparagus. This time I ordered the Sally Q. salad and it did not disappoint 😊

So if you are not feeling the boujee brunch life, or just finished jogging the Memorial 3 mile loop, Canyon Creek is the place to be! No fancy outfit required.

Just good vibes, good food, and Frozen Mimosas!!!

Try it now & thank me later ☀️

💋 XOXO MrsFitz

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