Effortlessly Chic Office Looks (Fall Edition)


Most of us spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in & out of an office with people to meet and business to take care of. Why not make the most out of your work days and dress like you are THAT business b*tch!? Style is just one of the many ways we can choose to express ourselves and at 25, I’m finally finding my personal office style.

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite pieces to wear this Fall that you can incorporate into your work wardrobe NOW. I’ve been eagerly awaiting cooler temperatures and a chance to start wearing all the classic Fall Fashions, but because I live in Houston TX (home of the fiercest heat & humidity) I’ll most likely be waiting another month or so before I can bring out the booties. Maybe if we start dressing the part, Mother Nature will get the hint and turn down the heat?? One can dream!

 *Full disclaimer*: these outfits may feed your inner Boss Babe ego… and you may just get a promotion…you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. Trousers

I am living for modern womenswear pieces inspired by menswear tailoring!! Not sure if it’s the full range of motion or the fact that I don’t need to shave my legs everyday, but #Trousers give me a sense of strength and confidence in the workplace. Throw on a pair of heels and you’ll feel ready to conquer the world! Just because these pants are menswear-inspired doesn’t necessarily mean masculine. Compliment this look with a dainty blouse & sexy heels for a femme touch.

Top: H&M

Bottoms: Topshop

Shoes: Aldo




2. Never enough Neautrals

Stock up on your quality neutral pieces!  Neutrals never go out of style so be sure to collect good quality brand neutrals over time so you always have pieces to pair with your louder clothing like prints & patterns. Plus they’re great to have when you want to dress them with some statement earrings or a bright trendy bag. Neutrals don’t just mean tan, I’m talking black, navy, brown, white, and all variations of in-between!

Top: Mura Boutique 

Bottoms: Mura Boutique

Shoes: Target (flats) & Steve Madden (heels)




3. Love for Loafers

Along with trousers, I am obsessing over the menswear inspired #Loafers ! As wonderfully comfortable as your stiletto heels are (hah) loafers are a great alternative for those days when you want a more casual look yet still professional. Current favorite: Sam Edelman. This brand is stylish, affordable, and quality all in one!

Top: Lulus

Bottoms: Forever 21

Shoes: Sam Edelman (ON SALE!!!) Sam Edelman




4. Ya Basic!

Just like neutrals, having quality #basic staple pieces that you can mix n match with the rest of your closet is key! Your wardrobe will become more extensive when you have simple pieces that can be styled several ways. Days when I don’t feel like putting much thought into my outfit, I can always count on a solid, form-fitting shirt like this one below to make me look polished and professional.

Top: Lulus

Bottoms: Forever 21

Shoes: Michael Kors




5. Little Black Dress Pants (LBDP)

We’ve all heard of that classic LBD…but let me introduce you to your classic Black Dress Pants. If you don’t have a pair already, add them to the top of your list! Not only are they great for office wear, but you can easily style with a bodysuit and heels for a night out. I personally love these high-waisted, high-water black trousers from Mura Boutique.

Top: Lulus (can no longer find)

Bottoms: Mura Boutique

Shoes: Aldo




 Below are more examples of effortlessly chic office looks and where to shop for them!

Top: Mura Boutique

Bottoms: Forever 21

Shoes: Michael Kors




Top: Mura Boutique

Bottoms: Mura Boutique

Shoes: Aldo




Top: Mura Boutique

Bottoms: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden




With any outfit, accessorize these looks with your bad ass work ethic and killer confidence to take on any task that comes your way. Go seize the day hunny!

Thanks for stopping by, till next time.

XOXO MrsFitz


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