Social Media & Your Sanity

Oohhhh social media…where do I even begin?

It seems like a lot of us tend to have a twisted relationship with it. At least that’s true for me! You love it, you hate it, you crave it, but at the same time you want nothing to do with it. It’s a damn drug that has us coming back for more. But for a lot of us, it’s become a huge part of our lives…whether you realize it or not. Think about it; when’s the last time you went a full day without using your social media apps? Whether you’re a blogger, an influencer, photographer, model, sales, or just use it to keep up with your friends/family, or whatever the heck you use your social media for… pretty much everyone’s on it. And that’s okay. But like… is it??? Or are we all getting in too deep?

I went through a phase last week where I was sick of social media.

More specifically, Instagram. I was sick of seeing the overly posed “candid” shots. I was sick of seeing all these hot models everywhere putting up posts saying “how life is great & we should all just love ourselves” and I was sick of seeing everyone’s highlight reel while I was going through a bit of a low. Which sucks to say, but it’s true! I’m human. I let myself get annoyed for no good reason at all and honestly it was a bit hypocritical of me. Because what do I do when I feel good about myself or I’m happy and lovin’ life?! I TAKE A PIC AND POST IT ON THE GRAM TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. Because I don’t want to share the bad, boring, tough times, I want to share the GOOD! Like most of us do. And when I really started to reflect, I think that’s what made me so annoyed to begin with. I’m getting upset because people are posting their highlights on IG (which is exactly what I would be doing) but I’m not having a “highlight moment” so I’m mad about it. How mature right?! Ughhh.. It made me upset to think that a silly app could control my mood, cause me to feel jealous, cause me to question my worth, to loose sight of reality and believe that “everyone was living their best life” except me. SO SILLY. I know. But I also know I’m not alone on this. I know a lot of us feel this way every now & then. I know because when I opened up about it on Instagram, I was overwhelmed with all these beautiful, wonderful people who had reached back out to me to let me know they had been through the same thing. You know who you are…& I hope you know how much that meant to me ❤️

Much love.

I had posted a few questions on my IG story asking about peoples relationship with social media. And let me tell ya, YALL WERE SO FUCKIN COOL ABOUT IT. Y’all kept it real, answered honestly, and totally surprised me. In the best way.

Below I am going to share with you guys the Q&A’s I asked on that Instagram poll so you can see for yourself the outcome. I also share my answers with you too for all you curious souls 🤓














My answers: 

  1. Thought about deleting Social Media? YES

  2. Taken a break? NOPE, not yet 😉 

  3. Insecure from IG? YUP

  4. Use IG everyday? PRETTY MUCH, rarely do I miss days. 

  5. Do I feel addicted? Unfortunately yes :/

  6. Follow more celebs or real friends? More strangers/celebs/influencers

  7. Use it for business or pleasure? More business now. Started the gram just for fun originally though.

Honesty Hour: The day before I posted these Q’s on Instagram I kinda went on a rant. I told my husband I needed a break from social media. A detox if you will. I told him how tired I was of all phony posts I was seeing and how people would overlook a heartfelt picture but go “goo-goo-gaa-gaa” over a 1/2 naked 18 year old girl photo. I was in a MOOD. lol I went to workout and moved on from the bitter emotions cause luckily exercise helps me in that way. The next day I thought more about the whole social media detox idea; But I realized I don’t necessarily want to disconnect from everyone, but want to really connect with people. More than just scrolling on their online profile. I wanted to start a REAL conversation. Get underneath the surface. So that prompted me to post a few questions. After reading your answers and seeing that I wasn’t alone on the topic, I felt a whole lot better about it. A lot of people had let me know they’ve taken a social media break before and HIGHLY recommended it. I still definitely want to do that! I think too much of anything can be negative so a detox every now & then is healthy. But before taking a little hiatus from the gram I wanted to post this blog; share my thoughts and share the feedback I received. As far as the break goes…who knows, it might be a quick 2-3 day break, it could be weeks! Whatever feels right. There’s no rule book. But I do think there are some telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a Social Media Detox.

5 Signs You Could Use A Detox

  1. It starts to effect your self-esteem negatively or positively! Your self worth should not come from an App. Likes on a photo is not what life’s all about!
  2. Feeling salty towards people based of their IG life people display a life they want to portray but not always a life they actually have. Don’t be fooled into thinking everyone’s perfect. Be happy for them while creating a beautiful life of your own.
  3. When you can’t enjoy peoples company without taking your phone out. live in the moment and soak up the time you have with the ones you love.
  4. You’ve lost sight of what YOU enjoy beware of becoming just like everyone else! It’s so easy to see something trending and assume you have to like it too. Just because everyone is taking pool pictures on big inflatable swans doesn’t mean you need to also. Do what you enjoy doing #ForTheMems not #ForTheGram
  5. You claim you have no time for things you should do but spend hours scrolling through social media.. Time is precious babygirl!! Social Media will still be there when you get done reading that interesting book, or going for that jog, or after you do that pile of laundry you’ve been putting off “cause you don’t have enough time”.

Sadly, I’m guilty of all of the above^

I’ve lost hours of much needed sleep because I wanted to scroll through my IG feed for the day. I’ve disrupted a quality conversation to take a boomerang of my dinner. I started feeling jealous of a perfect stranger because her life seems so put together on her profile compared to mine.

Although I realize my wrongs and remind myself it’s just an app, I still believe it would be healthy for me to take a break and remember what life was like before I lived through my phone.

Before I let you go about your bidness, I want to point out how there also so many Pros to social media! For me personally, I’ve met some pretty amazing people through IG that I’m lucky enough to call friends now. I’ve made business connections that would not have been possible without IG. I also get to stay better connected with long distance family and friends like for example: seeing daily videos of my nieces and nephews! That makes my heart burst! 🙂 So yah, I think for the most part it’s great. Just don’t get lost in the sauce and forget the real life going on around you as well.

Do less: #ForTheGram


Do more: #ForTheMems


As always, I appreciate you reading! Thanks for cutting out part of your day to spend with me. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the matter. This topic is oh so interesting to me and everyone has their own take on it. So share away babes! Tell me tell me! I’m all ears.

💋 XOXO MrsFitz

3 thoughts on “Social Media & Your Sanity

  1. In order for me to keep my sanity, I kind of “compartmentalize” each app for a different purpose! Facebook is basically high school land so I can see how everyone is doing (and sharing thousands of Tasty videos 😂). Instagram is a much smaller audience (I think I only have like 100 people on there) but it’s mainly celebrities or beautiful influencers I enjoy (you! ❤️) lastly, Snapchat. I basically live on Snapchat 24/7. That’s where my inner circle is. I can check up on all my BFFFLs in one spot without a ton of people I don’t know as deeply filling up my stream.
    This is just what I do 🤗

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  2. I’ve become so addicted to social media. Every time I see one of my friends on their phone, I feel compelled to get on my phone. I feel like I should be doing something Instagram or Snapchat worthy every second of the day to keep up with everybody. I feel like I have to post everyday and be consistent or I’ll lose followers and people won’t enjoy my pictures as much. I follow more bloggers/celebrities than people I actually know, but that’s because well… I was bullied a lot and a lot of people whom I do know, don’t really like me. So I try to avoid them and seeing their things as much as possible. There has to be a balance between social media and living your life. For now I’m still trying to find that. It gives me headache just thinking about it lol. I loved your post by the way.


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