Summer ’18 Beach Bag Essentials!

🌊Hola beach babes🌊

I hope y’all are enjoy this hot AF summer so far!

If you haven’t noticed, the heat is here and it’s gonna stay awhile longer. At least it is here in Houston, TX. And if I’m gonna be hanging out outside, it better be in some form of water. Whether you’re planning a beach getaway or just a relaxing day by the pool, you’re going to want to pack these 5 Essentials into your bag. Keep scrolling for my Summer ’18 essentials for your hair & skin!

I love the summer sun…☀️ But I’m not always loving all the things the summer sun does to my hair & skin. We have all heard it before, “wear sunscreen or you’ll regret it when you’re older!” Well I can already see what my mom was talking about for all those years.

So now that “I’m older” I’m trying to take the proper precautions to make sure my skin and hair stays youthful & healthy! So that brings me to my first Beach Bag Essential

  • Favorite Sunscreen: E4B23784-2B6B-40F7-AA1C-31ECA626F76C For my body, I use Trader Joe’s SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen. It’s UVA/UVB protective and contains Aloe & Vitamin E for extra moisture! For my face, I really love Rodan+Fields Broad Spectrum Sunscreen! (also SPF 50+) It smells great and DOESN’T clog my pores. Double win. 






  • Hair care: In the summer, your hair can BBE10E1A-C7C4-46D6-BED0-B13710EB06C4become damaged from frequent exposure to the sun and chlorine. To protect my hair, I use Trader Joe’s Hair Mask with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil before and after a beach/pool day. It’s the BEST!!! I squeeze a dime-size amount on my palm and rub it evenly throughout my hair. Helps keep my hair shiny, protected, and frizz-free. I also like to add “Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Spray” for styling my hair. Giving me that beach bombshell look without curling my hair or having to try too hard. Both products are cheap and smell amazing!


  • Body Glitter Spray: 0E18001E-61C8-4500-8DE5-E74A21C05C2FAnother thing I love to do to prep my skin before a day in the sun…is body glitter! Can you tell I grew up in the early 2000’s?! Glitter will forever be a “look”. I use Illuminating Fragrance Mist from Bath & Body Works that doubles as both a Fragrance and Glitter Spray. Makes you look like a goddess sparkling in the sun! Plus it smells like how I would imagine a mermaid smelling.. So I’m all for that. ✨





  • Post-care: is just as important as prepping! 9D61A4EC-6331-4FA2-BF48-88C32E9E15E9After lots of sun exposure, your skin & hair can look as dry as Sponge Bob after hanging out with Sandy too long (y’all know what I mean) BUTTTT luckily coconut oil exists so we gon be alright! This stuff is so soothing and great for hair, skin, lips, you NAME IT! It’s moisture heaven in a bottle. This specific brand I found in Maui, but as long as the ingredients say “all natural, pure coconut oil” the brand name isn’t a big deal.





  • Smell good, feel good?: AFE9DAE4-9C3F-4671-93E3-428F4228E7D8I know that’s not the original saying, but I feel like it’s true! If I smell amazing, I feel pretty amazing. “Waikiki Beach Coconut” is my favorite fragrance from Bath & Body Works! It’s a perfect fresh and flirty scent that’s perfect for summer. Not gonna lie though, I’ve stocked up enough of these bottles so that I can still smell like this long after Summertime ends.





Hope this post helps you look good/ feel good while soaking up that summer sun!!! Let me know in the comments below what YOUR go-to beach bag items are! I always love trying new beauty products.

Have a great week and a great summer babes

💋 XOXO MrsFitz

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