My TOP picks for trendy & CHEAP bikinis!!!

Hey ladies!

This blog post was highly requested by my IG followers, so thank you guys for being so patient with me as I get all the content ready for you 😘 If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve being seeing photos from my recent trip to Maui!! (amazing place btw) We were dipping into the ocean, pool, and waterfalls every day that week so of course the main thing I packed for this trip were BIKINIS!

I am 5’3″ and have a pretty athletic body-type. (far from the model-type) So I am always searching for suits with flattering cuts & styles  properly fit my curves. I prefer solid pieces that I can mix and match, high-waisted / high-leg bikini bottoms, and I’m really diggin the bandou style bikini tops this szn.

However, I have a bit of a confession to make. My absolute FAVORITE bikini I wore in Maui was actually…UNDERWEAR. Yup. 😳 But let me tell ya, you would’ve never guessed! The top is a black, light-support sports bra, and the bottoms are a pair of black velvet, high-leg undies! Since they are such a thick material like velvet, they did not sag or become see-through when wet! Phew. Both pieces are from Forever 21 & under $10 each! YAY for bargains! ( pieces linked below)

So without further ado, here is where to find my favorite swimmies this summer & also listed are some similar styles for those of you who like having options.

⭐️Happy shopping babes!!!⭐️

My Personal Favorite: Forever 21 High-Leg Velvet Bikini Bottoms (actually underwear);-_-2000211489-_-4401-_-5

As seen on Instagram…

Similar Option: Meshki High Waisted Bottoms


In My Shopping Cart: ALL THEIR SUITS ARE HAWT HAWT HAAAAWT! Dear Meshki, shut up & take my money!!!



Similar Option: More High-Rise Bikini Bottoms. + Color Variety.;-_-2000255064-_-4403-_-2


Similar Option: Full Bikini Set. Sexy Fit. Great Price.



Bright & Flattering AF Orange Kini Set: Zaful Online (wearing size Medium)

As seen on Instagram…


Basic White Bikini: Zaful bandou top paired with these tiny bottoms from Forever 21 (wearing size Medium)

As seen on Instagram…


Easy on the Eyes but Not on the Bank Account: Really loving all of 437 Swimwear styles and their material looks AMAZING! But the reason I haven’t purchased one yet, is the price tag… If you can though, I definitely suggest giving them a try!


Well loves, those are my top Bikini picks this Summer☀️

Hope this helps you find a suit that makes you feel beautiful! Cause no matter what your body type, size, age, be confident and OWN IT! Life’s too short to not wear bikinis & enjoy that summer sun.

💋 XOXO MrsFitz



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