Local Office

Houston, let’s talk business.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing so many entrepreneurs & small businesses working from home, cafes, or on the go. If you’re anything like me, I love having a professional environment to help me get into a productive mindset & get work done. Sometimes working from home or from a local coffee shop could be a bit too distracting. In order to keep up with the new wave of professionals, Houston has some great community office spaces popping up for #GoalGetters like YOU in mind! My favorite community office space in Houston thus far is Local Office.

What is Local Office?

It is a shared modern workspace that’s great for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and solo practitioners. Local Office offers private offices & co-working space Memberships or Day Passes so that you can have the professional amenities of an office with the energy & vibe of a cafe.


What’s included?

Memberships are an all-inclusive rate! *different membership options available*

  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Conference Room Time
  • Fully Furnished office space with desks & chairs
  • Printing/Copying/Scanning
  • Networking opportunities & events
  • Coffee & Snacks!

Other benefits!

  • Cavo coffee is just downstairs!
  • Professional Podcast room available for rent!
  • Also private booths to take/make professional calls if you’d rather not be on the phone in the shared workspace.
  • And all through May, take advantage of FREE coworking Tuesdays!

I recently took a tour of Local Office and was blown away by the professionalism of the workspace and how they thought of every detail in order to help you reach your professional goals. Not to mention…IT’S CUTE AF! Definitely a place you can look forward to working from.

Here’s a sneak peak of the inside of this awesome workspace which includes the public workspace areas, privately leased rooms & conference rooms!


For further info about Local Office see link for their Website


Thanks for stopping by!

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Have a kick-ass week & crush your goals!

XOXO MrsFitz


Author: sarahfitzgerald42

Hey loves! I'm Sarah and I am a twenty-something Houston chick with a love for food, fitness, fashion, and trying new things (in no particular order). I feel like I'm always giving advice on places to eat or trendy spots to check out so I decided to create this blog for all of you weekend warriors. I'll keep updated with everything from my favorite fashion finds to new spots to have your next "cheat meal". If you stumbled upon this page by accident or intentional, I hope you stick around Xoxo Mrs. Fitz

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