Your Guide To Houston’s Most Instagram Worthy Murals!

Hey Houston!

Houston seems to be into Colorful Walls lately…and let me tell ya, it’s a trend I fully support. I’ve come up with a lengthy list of fun murals to check out around Downtown HTX. These spots are great for Bloggers, Instagram Queens, Photographers, or anyone looking to have a good time in Houston! Hope you find this mural guide enjoyable, helpful, and useful.

Before we get started with the list I want to give you some quick tips to make sure your Mural journey is successful and smooth!

  • Lighting: I prefer overcast days or early morning/late afternoons just before the sun sets for my photos. Direct sunlight can be too harsh & cause weird shadows on your face & body. PLUS that direct sun might end in squinty eyes for all your pictures…no bueno. If the vibe calls for it, I’m all about sunshine. But for portraits, I find soft lighting to be the most flattering.
  • Parking: Honestly parking downtown can be a b*tch. So keep in mind that metered parking and parking garages are an option if you plan on being in the area for awhile. Pro Tip: street parking downtown is free after 6pm and all day Sunday. Lucky for you, several of these murals are located near free lots so you wont even have to worry!
  • Be cautious: Like anywhere in the city, be aware of your surroundings…Keep a close watch on your belonging such as purse, keys, camera, phone.. There are several homeless in the downtown area wandering close by. I’ve never had any issues aside from getting asked for spare change. Just be cautious and safe 👍🏼
  • Have FUNNNN WIT IT!!!! This list is meant for you to ENJOY so be silly & capture some great moments with people you love.
  1. “Sugar & Cloth Color Wall & STAIRS” (take 2) 1201 Main StreetB2EFD4BB-5A7A-48AE-8E73-F239A090C9542276F5E8-7CD0-4EEA-916A-EF3392A2807C475CCE21-EB8B-46BB-8E86-C56D28E9BF83F00F6715-5F6F-4EB3-B939-569026ACC3A60AC45013-6795-46E4-987A-9BCA5AEDFAC3
  2. “Black & White Wall” – 2010 Polk St. Houston TX 77003B527F0F1-BBFF-4CCD-9501-49E7492506F90A560B0C-8B04-4DD1-BB4F-E07BC962C49E
  3. “Emerson Rose Wall” – 350 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008A7627FD0-ECF1-42B2-8A9C-418A5C618D66AD8719F6-D99B-4341-A004-D37DEEBF348F
  4. “Multi-Green Tile Wall” – 600 Louisiana St Houston TX 7700227625546-FE9B-402D-A119-1BAD7A8FB9DA155CAF67-89C9-4717-A3D0-5EB80A828950
  5. “Biscuit Paint Wall” – 1435 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 770063C8B2AD8-C936-4874-A261-9F3EB756B00051CA3205-7EB2-4FD1-8368-2212B610543B
  6. “Polka Dot Wall” – 6521 N. Main St. Houston TX 77009DA53A59D-7ABA-471D-B51B-AE843D34AC6A
  7. “Colorful Print Wall” 1657 Westheimer Rd. Houston TX 77006A4388A17-E3EC-4096-A712-C3C406986B570635CD52-5AB4-4E7E-A36C-CF30E0449466
  8. “Circles” – 420 E 20th St. Houston TX 77008563D2A5E-4F7C-4942-94F0-3B38B7F47A85FA13381C-309C-4EC2-B20E-7FE378273FB0
  9. “The Rail To The Sea” – 1502 Sawyer Street, Houston TX 77007A33A8175-963B-4780-8B03-2307355FA94716D2A203-E2C5-4108-B395-75C3E0B30841
  10. “Rainbow Wall” – 318 Tuam St. Houston TX 7700626C495E6-7687-47BE-A529-FACA51DA9D74289EE67B-826F-4E9C-B487-FCF0FF2C3CB8
  11. “Style Wall at Buffalo Exchange” – 2901 S Sheperd Dr. Houston, TX 770982E600CAA-7C26-461B-AE19-CE8D3F6A878817F45ED5-3DF9-4FD4-85A8-C79082B41C6B
  12. “Geometric Shapes” – 1503 Chartres St. Houston TX 77003E22FB77B-78BE-432D-B84C-A741005B16DE
  13. “Hearts Mural”- 1503 Chartres St. Houston TX 770033F57935E-6BD6-4B84-82B6-E8A46625243C
  14. Houston Pride Wall – 1657 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098341F6CA1-20B4-4DEE-BC7C-1268EE04FE0F69FE6014-E728-41E5-86E8-0AB4D7A28929
  15. “Blue Graphic Circles and Zipper Mural” – 2207 Winter St. Houston TX 77007184056A2-892C-4FEE-9C47-8695219939043FB48CE5-9A14-4BB7-A571-4237100CCF80
  16. “Dripped Colors Door” – 1503 Chartres St. Houston TX 77003C164AAA5-AAD9-4CAA-B752-C9EFF906B694C89C075A-2DAE-4827-BDAA-C679EED9A93E
  17. “Geometric Mural” –  1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003B6D20C1F-87E6-4902-8D51-ACDCDB079DBA63F7D7A3-566F-4FCD-8225-A0867E0CCB63
  18. “Colorful Lines” – 3839 Weslayan St. Houston TX 770279AA2C534-8480-4F2C-95BA-98F1E422D3B6C27E30E3-729A-4521-AD67-F24138D7DA07
  19. “Honey Art Cafe” (inside mural) – 3516 S. Shepard Dr. Houston TX 77098EF12D9A7-2D1C-4562-870B-22ED645BDA4A
  20. “Blush Ombre Wall” – 2605 Dunlavy St. Houston TX 77006F4849E48-0192-4F6A-90F2-DD7EB35FCC8BD83763BB-9555-4733-A5CB-6DD63E7146D9
  21. “More Color Please” – (FM Kitchen & Bar) 1112 Shepard Dr. Houston TX 77007152D0B3F-C185-4D3F-AC34-6B9B87A5C20211A49884-2284-4809-8504-7CBF08D703F7
  22. “Blue & Lilac Striped Mural” – 2317 Main St. Houston TX 7700713D014B6-4571-420A-93C0-F3E7E19B0A1F19248BF1-19F2-4D58-9A0A-D7B350FD57210542BD23-D8CB-4F29-AD66-29BE07FAE2E6
  23. ” Two Toned Mint Wall” – 2814 S. Shepherd Dr. Suite D. Houston TX 770985B315CFD-D6A3-43F2-8B1D-E4387C98778E

***These walls are constantly changing so check them out while you can!***

Unfortunately, some of the Murals on my list were gone before I could capture them.. 😔 But also, that’s the beauty of it! You never know how long these beautiful walls will be displayed, or what will be up next!

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a beautiful & blessed New Year!!!✨

💋 XOXO MrsFitz


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