Lend a Helping Hand

Even though Hurricane Harvey brought great devastation to Houston and the people who call it Home; it also brought us together as a community in ways like never before.  It was truly amazing to see everyone helping and contributing in any way they could! Thankfully, Houston has made so much progress in such a short period of time post Hurricane Harvey, but there is still SO much you can do!

Harvey had a significant impact all along the Buffalo Bayou. The staff and volunteers are working hard to restore the waterway’s green spaces and trails as quickly as possible. But they still need every bit of help! Volunteers are needed to pick up trash & debris, & shovel the enormous amounts of silt that Harvey left behind.

My husband and I spent our Saturday morning joining the awesome volunteers of Buffalo Bayou Partnership in cleaning up the silt covered trees in the park. With all that water from the Hurricane, brought tons of dirt, silt, and debris that covered our parks beautiful trees and landscape. We helped by shoveling the piles of silt away from the trees so that they could get water down to their roots again. It was our first time volunteering with this group and we loved it! Don’t get me wrong, we were insanely sore the next few days..but it was SO worth it! I will definitely be signing up again soon.

Here’s how you can help out! 

  • Go to http://buffalobayou.org/get-involved/volunteer/
  • Reach out to  Leticia Sierras (Volunteer Coordinator) at volunteer@buffalobayou.org or 713.752.0314 ext. 206 to learn further details about volunteering.
  • Fill out the Volunteer Waiver at least 2 days before your scheduled volunteer day
  • Groups and individual volunteers are welcome!
  • You will be assigned a task and area in advanced depending on whatever is most needed.

Every Saturday morning this year is Community Volunteer Day because of the need for repair post Hurricane Harvey!


If you are an able body, and your heart wants to give back to your community, this is a GREAT opportunity! It’s hard work…but you meet some awesome people who make the task fun & it always feels good knowing you’re doing good for others.

Have any further questions about volunteering?!  please ask in the comments below or DM me! Or you can also click the link above ^ and read the FAQ’s. Have a lovely day babes!

💋 XOXO MrsFitz


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