But first…Coffee.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this Fall weather that is upon us!? I wait for this time of year, all year long. If you live in Houston, TX…you know why. Fall is the season of football, sweaters, pumpkin scented everything , Halloween, oh & COFFEE dates! Take advantage of this beaut of a season & support some local Houston coffee shops ☕️

Below are 6 of my favorite coffee shops in Houston you must try this Fall!..

The Honeymoon Cafe & Bar : (The Beauty) Seriously such a dreamy place with so much charisma! Don’t be surprised if you see a photoshoot happening outside of its’ doors; the outside is just as aesthetically pleasing as the inside. You can find this Cafe & Bar in the heart of downtown Houston. The Honeymoon Cafe gets their coffee beans from Boomtown Coffee, a local roaster in Houston, and offers fresh roasted classic espresso based drinks along with fun coffee cocktails! ✨ It’s a perfect coffee date spot if you are strolling along Main St. Just to give you an idea of those “coffee cocktails” I mentioned earlier, here’s a peek at their menu.. http://thehoneymoonhtx.com/menu/

IMG_1072IMG_1078Boomtown Coffee : (The Classic) Speaking of Boomtown Coffee…Oh Hey! Didn’t see ya there! This little neighborhood coffee shop in The Heights is where Boomtown Roasters opened up shop to Houstonians. It’s a small little shop that offers big love in the form of coffee beans. They have anything from espressos, lattes, teas, to sandwiches and breakfast tacos! My favorite combo on the menu is a housemade muffin with a Milk & Honey Latte. There’s something so sweet about supporting your local Houstonains with their business, and you can do that by simply enjoying a cup of coffee. Go check em out! As I mentioned earlier, you can also find these beans at The Honeymoon Cafe and a few other shops on this list. Same beans, but different styles completely. It’s whatever vibe you are in the mood for.

Cavo Coffee : (The Innovator) With its’ white marble decor and hanging Edison bulbs, the looks of this coffee shop is only part of the appeal. Cavo Coffee has a gem of a menu, but something that really stood out to me is the Siphon. This Shiphon coffee maker looks like something out of a science lab, using a slow-brewed vacuum process that pulls the water through a filter while extracting all the rich flavors from the coffee beans. Since good things take time, this unique brewing process yields 1-2 coffee cups at a time; perfect for you & your coffee date! Pro Tip: Every Thursday night is Bingo Night at Cavo! Start time: 5:30pm. $6 per bingo card. Proceeds of card purchases are donated to The Children’s Assessment Center!

Slowpokes: (The Class Clown)  I actually stumbled upon this gem on Instagram, and I’m IMG_1088SO glad I did cause it’s easy to miss in person! This spot is fairly new (opened up in November 2016) so it’s almost coming to its 1 year. I first visited Slowpokes to work on my website and fell in love with the decor & comedic art pieces of slow, easy-going animals on the walls. The theme is everything at this coffee shop. What I really like about this place, is it seems like it would accommodate anyone. You can either choose to sit outside with your wine & friends under covered seating, or in one of the more private booths inside to study & catch up on work, or you could sit at the big open wooden tables inside and play a game from their selection of board games with family. They really have something for everyone! On the drink menu they have wine, beer, coffee and teas; a combination of local brews & the usual crowd pleasers. As for the Eats, they have a lot more than I expected! They offer flatbreads, salads, sandwiches, cheese boards, and breakfast bites. I can’t recommend this place enough. Great hangout, great coffee..🐌IMG_1089

Inversion Coffee & Art: (The Brainiac) Looking for a more quiet spot to read or wifi it up?! This shop is your spot. It’s usually quiet and full of coffee fueled humans working steadily on their laptops. With it’s white walls, and ridiculously tall ceilings, I find it a great place to kind of clear my head and sprout new ideas for my blog. Not to say it’s only for studying! Inversion is connected to a unique art gallery, so if you ever need a study break, you could just walk on over! It’s also a great place to discover trendy food trucks every week with a friend. Overall, I think this place is perfect for students since it offers a relatively quiet work space. Plus they serve up some delicious donuts alongside their coffees! But seriously…this coffee shop would be sorted into the Ravenclaw House if it went Hogwarts. (just sayin)

A 2nd Cup: (The Coffee with a Cause) If you want to drink your cup of Joe, and feel like you’re doing a good deed at the same time, here’s your spot. Again, I usually seek out new coffee shops alone to try to get some work/research done, but several people come here in groups and hang out in the cozy living room type space. I love the soul behind this coffee shop. A 2nd Cup uses a portion of the funds they make through each coffee sale towards ending human trafficking in our city. Try out this local Heights cafe and learn more about this organization, raise awareness of human trafficking issues in Houston, all the while enjoying a damn good cup of coffee. (also serving coffee beans from Boomtown Coffee) Yay for Houston support! ✊🏼

Thanks for reading! I have several more coffee shops on my list to visit so I will keep y’all updated once I cross them off. If you know of a local coffee shop I should visit, leave a comment below! (Full disclosure: this was my first cup of coffee in over a month. Lately I have been really focusing on my diet and fitness. Working towards a healthy lifestyle; so cutting out sugary drinks like lattes & macchiatos is part of my plan! It’s okay to splurge a little every now&then of course. Balance is key!)

Clink the link below for where to get your FREE cup of coffee on #NationalCoffeeDay !!!

(September 29th 2017)



💋XOXO MrsFitz

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