2017 Festival Survival Guide

It’s music festival season my doods and I’m feeling all the vibes. Whether you’re into the mellowed-out folk bands, or the hyped up House/EDM sound, we could all use the music festival necessities guide to help us get through it all without passing out (cause we all know that ish happens) Through much thought and consideration I’ve come up with a complete Festival Survival Guide for 2017. And since I love you all so much, I’m sharing a discount code to save you some $ on my absolute favorite festival need of 2017! So stay tuned..!

2017 Festival Must Haves:

 8. Metallic shorts. One of the top trends this year. Mix up your typical festival look by replacing those denim high-waisted shorts and trying something a little more funky. This trend is mostly for the ladies but I’m sure dudes can rock them too. Just keep in mind, the shinier, the better!!!


  • Where to buy them: Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, iheartraves.com, etc.
  • How to wear: High-waisted, Booty short style, or Runner short style.
  • Colors: Most popular color is shiny silver, but you can also find them in other colors such as rose gold, white iridescent, and bright neons.

7. Bandanas. Okay so honestly, this look isn’t new to the festival scene but it’s a classic that I can’t leave out.


  • Where to buy them: Hobby Lobby, Forever 21, H&M, etc.
  • How to wear it: For neck, forehead, wrist, you name it.
  • Fun tip: use it as a sweat towel or soak it in cold water to help you cool off.

  6. Portable charger. Need I say more?! This is kind of obvious but 100% necessary. We all love capturing every festival moment with pics & videos, but it really drains the battery. Be prepared with a portable charger so your phone can last long enough for you to fetch an Uber at the end of the day.

  • Where to buy them: Literally anywhere theses days. Gas stations, Best Buy, Target, etc.

5. Reflective sunnies. Functional and fashionable. This seasons look is all about having funky/statement shades that bring pop to your outfit.


  • Where to buy them: Freepeople, Forever 21 (behind the counter), Raybans, and Quay.
  • Colors: Bright purples & pinks are definitely my favorite right now. But I’ve been diggin every color I’ve seen so far from gold to blue. So you can’t go wrong with any color you choose.

4. Portable fan. Whoever the genius is that created a fan that plugs into your phone, I owe you a beer. Kudos man. This little fan came in SO handy at my most recent music festival I attended. We were in Houston at FPSF and it was mighty humid so this fan was everything!!!


  • How it works: Plugs into your phone where the charger would be plugged into. And no worries, cause it hardly uses any battery!
  • Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc.

3. Layered necklaces. Dainty layered necklaces are a great accessory for those hippie festival vibe outfits.


  • Where to buy: Freepeople, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc
  • How to wear: Wearing at least 3 different layers looks good for the boho look. Personally I like them to start at my neck (choker style) and then go down to about the middle of my chest.

2. Glitter. Glitter here, glitter there, Glitter everyFRIGGINwhere!!! I will say this is the most popular music festival accessory of 2017. Almost every girl had glitter either on their face as apart of their makeup or on their hair or body.


  • Where to buy: NYX, little black diamond, Lunautics, Vibedration, Hobby Lobby etc.
  • How to wear it: It looks great on the cheek bone area (where you apply highlight) or in hair (near your part) or on collarbones, shoulders, anywhere really!
  • Types: You don’t have to buy specific “festival body glitter”, you can use regular arts & craft glitter also. Chunky glitter is really fun to use along with the tiny glitter dust. Mix up colors, shapes and sizes for the best look!

1. Vibedration. : Hydration Packs. Staying hydrated is sooooo important at music festivals. Don’t miss out on any of the action because you got sick or passed out from dehydration. Drink your H20 and look rad doing it. This is by far my favorite Festival Must Have this year! Use my discount code MRSFITZ to save 10% off any item on their site!

  • Where to buy them: https://vibedration.com
  • Wide selection of colors: from solid colors, to shiny, to patterned, to glittery!
  • Different sizes: 1.0 Liter “The Mini”, 2.0 Liter “GA”, 2.0 Liter “VIP”, 3.0 Liter “Backstage”
  • Different styles: Rave, Hippie, Basic

XOXO -MrsFitz 

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