IMG_7453Nude skirts. Nude tops. Nude bags. Nude pumps. Send it all my way! I’m really feeling this sophisticated yet sexy all nude ensemble. I recently sported my all nude look at Part & Parcel patio bar in Downtown Houston. (great place for Mojitos btw) In this look I’m pairing a light nude low-v top with a suede nude skirt and cream colored purse. I personally like to play with fabrics when I’m dressed in all one color. Like in my previous blog, “White Hot Summer”, mixing & matching fabrics help add dimension to a plain outfit if it’s lacking in color. The great thing about this look is that it works for both summer and fall! You can actually recycle this look two seasons in a row! You’re welcome. For the summer months I would pair your all nude ensemble with a neon bag or neon jewelry. I actually regret not doing that for my outfit last week, but luckily I had some fleek af neon yellow chairs to compliment my all nude outfit. For fall, I would accessorize with black or maroon. Get creative with pops of color from your clutch, jewelry, sunnies, or shoes!

For all my ladies ballin’ on a budget you will be delighted to hear that this entire outfit could be purchased at Forever 21; from head to toe. This skirt was actually purchased from the last years fall season but the top, bag, and heels are all in season right now!!! Speaking of shoes, can we please all take a moment to admire these glass slippers?! I’M IN LOVE. They’re a fun modern twist to the Cinderella shoe that we all know and love. Forever 21 has several different styles in store and online right now that have the clear straps and heels, so go get you some asap!

Last but not least, my favorite accessory that I’ll be sporting all summer long is a cold refreshing mojito. It’s my self-proclaimed summer drink so I’ll be comparing mojitos at bars & restaurants all over Houston this season. If you know of any place I need to try, let me know! Cheers babes!

XOXO MrsFitz

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