Let’s TACO bout it

Taco Tuesday anyone?! I don’t know about y’all but Tuesdays are just a good excuse to try a new taco spot in town. Luckily in Texas, you probably have a taco truck around every corner. Since I’ve self-proclaimed myself as the TexMex taco expert, I will be giving you monthly updates on the next place to have your taco Tuesday!

For starters, I’d like to introduce you to Velvet Taco, if you haven’t already heard about it, it’s DA BEST. This trendy little taco shop on Washington Ave has been my favorite late night bite after hitting the bars. Luckily on Friday and Saturday nights Velvet Taco is open till 4am (PRAISE THA LORT) Even on the weekdays it’s open till midnight!

The whole taco menu is bomb; I force myself to try a new taco every visit but I totally get it if you find something you like & stick to it. But…with that being said you need to step out of your comfort zone for the side dish menu. The first time my husband and I went in to Velvet Taco, we were a bit overwhelmed by the unique taco menu and side dishes. I think it was obvious to the staff that we were newbies… I’m assuming we looked completely clueless as we tried to order because the ever-so-kind manager offered us a complimentary Crisp tots w/ local egg on top with our order! So sweet, I know. Anyway, now I can’t go there without ordering it! I’m hooked. (I’m assuming that was his master plan anyway) If you dont try the Tots, try the Elote corn! That’s another MrsFitz fave.

So if it’s a late night munchies kind of night or just a daily taco & marg you’re looking for, Velvet Taco is your spot! Until next taco Tuesday muh dooods.

XOXO MrsFitz

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