What Is MrsFitz Behavior?

The MrsFitz Blog is a place of creativity, sass, and making the most out of this one wild & precious life. Founded by Sarah Fitzgerald, a young & hungry life enthusiast, who loves sharing the trendiest places to grub, her unique style, fitness and travel tips, and how to stay positive during life’s challenges. Pretty much covering all the bases here! Most of the advice and content would be targeted towards my Houston homies, but all curious souls are welcome! If you’ve stumbled upon this page by mistake or on purpose, I hope you stick around ­čÖé

Who is Sarah Fitzgerald?

Hello there! This is she, Sarah Fitzgerald. The girl behind MrsFitz behavior, with the mind that never sleeps and the legs that just won’t quit. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always needed to stay busy and have a goal I’m working towards. My latest and greatest? MrsFitz Behavior lifestyle blog. This is my baby and is currently in the beginning┬ástages of her long & fabulous life ahead. Actually, she just recently turned 2 years old!!! I wanted to create an outlet for all of my ideas and advice that could be shared with more than just people in my close circle. I strongly believe in creating a life you love that fulfills every part of you. With this blog, I hope to enable this in my own life as well as inspiring others to do the same. H-town is my home. I love my city and exploring all her hidden gems. I’m lucky enough to create this beautiful life with my greatest Love, Austin Fitzgerald and our fur-son Kirk. When I’m not working my usual desk job, you can catch me spending as much time outside as possible, being a gym rat, or curled up eating pizza & watching Netflix. (exciting stuff, I know.) I’ll be posting on here regularly and also updating my personal Instagram account with blog posts too, so feel free to follow! (sarah_fitz42)

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about myself and my blog. Now this space is only as fun as we make it out to be, so join along and let’s be friends!

­čĺő XOXO MrsFitz